About The Firm

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At Baker, Ravenel & Bender, LLP, we are committed to providing our clients with the advice and attention to detail they deserve to assist them in resolving their disputes, managing their risks and preventing problems. We have handled thousands of cases over the life of the firm, and we look forward to providing you with the high quality service on which our reputation has been built.

As a litigation firm, we represent clients in a range of practice areas.. As one of the oldest firms in South Carolina, nothing speaks to our success better than our longevity. Consistently providing our clients with the high level of personal service they deserve has sustained our successful practice for over a century.

Firm History

Baker, Ravenel & Bender, L.L.P is one of South Carolina’s oldest law firms. The firm was established around 1900 as Melton & Belser and eventually became Belser & Belser. Charles E. Baker, came on board in 1963 and the firm soon became Belser, Belser & Baker.

As with many law practices, the firm name changed several more times over the years. Our current name was established in 1999. Cravens Ravenel and Jay Bender remain active, vital members of the firm.
The firm today consists of six partners, four associates and two of counsel attorneys who focus on litigation, covering a myriad of practice areas in state and federal courts.

Practice Areas

We represent a diverse set of clients throughout South Carolina in a wide range of practice areas. Some of our longest-standing clients are insurance carriers, and we are known for our insurance defense, bad faith and coverage work. Our firm is also recognized for its work on media law cases, including the defense of defamation and invasion of privacy claims, asserting access rights to the courts and court records and protecting news organizations from being compelled to become investigators for litigants. Our current practice also includes business disputes, construction litigation, education law, administrative matters, products liability, and restaurant and hospitality representation.

Firm Culture

Attorneys at our firm strive to be complete lawyers. We work very hard, take pride in our work product, and are always ready to help each other. The civility extended to each other in the firm on a daily basis is the foundation for our approach to our clients and other attorneys. The camaraderie at Baker Ravenel & Bender, LLP makes the firm a rewarding place to practice law.  This approach helps us maintain a level of professionalism that ultimately makes us better advocates for our clients.


For many decades, Baker, Ravenel & Bender has been committed to diversity in the workplace and society. The firm demonstrates its commitment in its hiring practices and representation of clients. Understanding that diversity enhances our practice by bringing different perspectives and experiences to the evaluation and handling of cases, Baker, Ravenel & Bender embraces and highly values the inclusion of people of different races, genders, religious preferences, national origin, sexual orientation, political parties and age. Respect for diversity is one of our guiding principles and serves as a touchstone for the manner in which we practice law.

Community Service

The firm’s senior partners have established a tradition of community service. The firm embraces volunteerism and encourages attorneys to be active in the community. Many of us are members of or contributors to civic organizations, churches and  clubs  and spend a great deal of time volunteering for worthy causes.

In Memoriam

DuVal Cravens Ravenel of Columbia died peacefully on December 16, 2018, at home. Born on October 4, 1938, in Sewanee, Tennessee, Cravens was the son of the late Theodore DuBose “Binks” Ravenel, III, and Mary Virginia “Sis” Cravens Ravenel Paine. He graduated from Dreher High School and enrolled in the University of South Carolina, but interrupted his studies when he joined the United States Marine Corps. He returned to Columbia after completing his military service to resume college and soon was engaged to the love of his life, Sandra Jane Harmon, whom he married on June 1, 1961. Read More