Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Mediation and arbitration are two forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution – ways to resolve cases without going before a judge or jury, often saving money and settling the case faster.

In mediation, a trained professional acts as a neutral facilitator, listening to both sides in a case and guiding them toward an agreement which the parties control rather than a judge or a jury. In arbitration, a neutral professional acts as a fact finder and rules on a case.

At Baker, Ravenel & Bender, our attorneys have vast experience and training in alternative dispute resolution and have helped many litigants achieve their objectives outside of the courtroom by participating in alternative dispute resolution before litigation commences and during the pendency of litigation.

In addition to representing clients at mediation or arbitration, Cravens Ravenel, Jay Bender and Markey Stubbs are certified South Carolina mediators. As experienced litigators who understand the challenges of complex and difficult cases, our attorneys who serve as mediators provide creative insight to help reach resolutions in cases.